Yukon Beer Festival is donating proceeds to the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon for 2017!!!

The Boys & Girls Club of Yukon’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life. The organization is dedicated to facilitating positive programming. Along with families and communities, the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon supports Yukoners to evolve into healthy, confident, and connected individuals.

The Boys & Girls Club of Yukon is guided by five core values:

  • Belonging – Welcoming everyone in a safe, accepting environment based on belonging and positive relationships.
  • Respect – Ensuring that everyone (children, youth, families, volunteers, and staff) are heard, respected, valued, and treated fairly.
  • Encouragement and Support – Encouraging and supporting every child and youth to play, learn, and grow to achieve their dreams.
  • Working Together – Working together with young people, families, volunteers, communities, and governments.
  • Speaking Out – Voicing concerns and needs for children, youth, and families in order to make our world better.

The Boys & Girls Club of Yukon was founded in 1999 as the Whitehorse Youth Centre Society, in partnership with the City of Whitehorse. The club was initially designed as a grassroots society that operated out of a trailer parked at the Second Haven Skateboard Park, and served as a place to connect with youth ages 12-18.

Throughout the years it became more apparent that the youth of Whitehorse needed a safe and supportive place to gather. In 2006, the Whitehorse Youth Centre Society became the Boys & Girls Club of Whitehorse and joined the Boys & Girls Club national movement as provisional members. Shortly thereafter, the society upgraded its facility and moved to a new location that included a warehouse and a small kitchen space. In this new facility, the organization began to expand its scope of programming. This location served the society through its formative years, as the organization learned to create and provide in-depth, developmental programming for children and youth.

In 2008, the Boys & Girls Club of Whitehorse became full members of the national movement and managed to renovate their space to include an indoor skate park. In 2010, the organization expanded once more and began to offer after-school programs to children ages 6-12.

As of 2015, the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon has moved to a new, larger, better equipped facility, and has expanded enough to require a second facility to house the organization’s operation department. The organization now spans two locations within Whitehorse, offers programming at two additional program sites, and has begun expanding services across the Yukon. Throughout its many years of efforts within the territory, the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon has served thousands of children and youth and helped them to become healthy, confident, and connected citizens.